Areas of Consultancy

As businesses are all different, we tailor our services to our customer's needs and provide consultancy in risk and safety management with expert advice, support and options for proportionate cost-effective solutions.

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Hazard review and risk management projects

Risk assessments are required by most of the Regulations made under the Health & Safety at Work etc 1974 Act. Managing the possible and probable risks with adequate, reasonable and proportionate controls is an essential part of effective governance.


We can carry out written health and safety risk assessments of all significant hazards for you or advise and support you through the risk assessment process. Certain types of hazard may require a special risk assessment in a specific format or a suitable hazard identification method.

Legal compliance and best practices

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSWA) and the health and safety regulations made under it provide the framework for regulating health and safety in Great Britain. As a general principle, the greater the risk, the more organisations have to do to ensure and to demonstrate they have discharged their duty of care and other legal duties.


We can carry out a gap analysis of policy and practice to assess and determine if they adhere to the legal requirements (legal consistency and completeness) and support best practice.

Strategy, management systems and implementation

There are a variety of systems available. They all set out a framework with processes to control health and safety risks, deliver health and safety objectives and help meet legal and other standards. Systems aim to make it both easier and more effective to manage as well as reducing costs. Some industries systems require certification through approval regimes.


We can develop or advise and support you on your health and safety policy and your written arrangements (procedural, behavioural and technical) to meet specific or local requirements and ensure the planning, organisation, control, monitoring, and review of your health and safety measures meet your business requirements.

Capability and technical support

Training and competency should reflect the relative levels of skills, experience and behaviours within an organisation’s employees. Understanding the motives or attitude that underpin behaviour is equally important. Any approach should recognise human factors and the antecedents (stimulus) that motivate behaviour (response) which reinforce it as a consequence.


We can assist in the development of people or a system for managing competence, through task analysis, risk assessment, setting standards and training needs analysis. We can identify and review at-risk behaviours, including those outside the control of individual operators to help support organisational goals, training programmes and supervision.

Information and Assurance

Monitoring (active and reactive) and inspection (statutory and non-statutory) is considered a fundamental principle of health and safety assurance.


This principle working alongside supervision and auditing helps ensure procedures, controls and systems are adequately complied with and operating as intended.


We can develop or support your assurance requirements. Assurance discharges both a personal and a corporate responsibility to ensure the on-going effectiveness of the safety management system.

Certification and support services

We can support the attainment of certificated requirements including the application of a Duty holders safety certification or safety authorisation with supporting evidence for the safety authority assessment. 

Continued Support services

Responsible for providing ‘competent advice’ and practical implementation on health and safety as required under Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.


We offer Health & Safety Support services tailored to meet your needs